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The Team You Need To Know In England Is Called Poole Town FC: Interview With Chris Reeves (Chairman)

Professional football has less and less hooked on fans of the best sport in the world, that is why at ‘Afición Deportiva’ we always present humble teams that can cause you sympathy, as is the case today. Poole Town FC is an English team that has a lot to tell. We thank Chris Reeves and Poole Town FC for their kindness and closeness when doing the interview.

Afición Deportiva

How was the club founded? 

It was formed in 1890, when two local clubs Poole Hornets and Poole Rovers merged.

Why is the club called ‘the dolphins’?

It comes from the town crest of Poole which features dolphins.

The club has a total of seven amateur leagues and 22 cups. Which is the secret of success?

We have been very successful over the years. We have a fantastic manager Tom Killick who played for the first team when he was only 16. He has been manager now since 2004 and his drive to be successful is very important – we try to choose players who are only happy when they win and are prepare£ to train hard and keep the right attitude to ever accept defeat. They must also be happy and want to play for Poole-all very important.

What are the ethical values of the club?

To be happy,to be successful and always to play in the right spirit.

How are the Poole Town FC fans?

They are very loyal and very patient. They love the Club and respect what we are trying to do.

Charlie Austin has played for Poole Town FC. How was his time here?

Charlie was just brilliant when he was with us- he scored 64 goals in 57 games. He learned very quickly and scored so many goals helped by good colleagues. We knew he would be a success when he left us. I negotiated a good deal for the Club and his goals and appearances for other teams meant that his transfer fee increased and over the years we received £190,000 which helped us develop the facilities at the ground and be able to get promoted through the leagues. We still keep in touch with him.

How has the Covid affected the club?

It has been very hard not playing but we have kept all our players and supporters and are using the time to do repairs at the ground and get ready for when we can play again- we can’t wait!!

Finally, what would you say to our Spanish readers to become a fan of Poole Town FC?

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Author: Pablo Triguero

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