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The Brera Anyway Wins: Interview With Alberto Paone (Captain)

A few months ago we were able to speak with Leonardo Aleotti, from the Brera FC board of directors, and we did some research on this Milan team, which does a lot of social work. Therefore, for today to know them even a little better, we have spoken with Alberto Paone, captain of the club. Thank Alberto Paone for his kindness when conducting the interview, and also thank Leonardo Aleotti for all the steps he has taken.

Paone, the interviewed of today. / Source: Brera FC

In which position do you play?

I love to call myself a trecante, half trequartista (ofensive player) half attaccante (fprward): a
modern version of what Michel Platini meant to say when he defined Roberto Baggio (my
childhood hero) as a “9 and a half”. However, to most of my past managers, I play on the left
wing in a 4-3-3.

How did you arrive at Brera FC?
Fifteen years ago, while I was a young promising player for a Serie D (4th tier) team, I felt in
my heart that Brera could be the right place for me. So I asked to join the club on loan – despite
it being two divisions below my team, because I wanted to uplift Brera through the football ranks.
The result was an incredible season, well depicted in the documentary «Una stagione divertente»
(«A funny season»), which however ended up with a relegation. 15 years later (and 15 teams later
as well), I felt right to come back as a grown man to the very same club that left me such
unforgettable memories when I was a boy.

What do you think about a club that does a lot of social projects?
I think that it shows the club’s out-of-the-box thinking. I’ve been in so many clubs and they
were all boringly focused only on the football aspect of the club’s life: training, games,
footballers’ wages, Sunday match’s result. Instead, Brera is a club that can look outside this plain
vision of football and keen to develop football in all its facets: to make it brief, it’s a whole
different world. And I love different.

What is your favourite social project?
I would say among these 20 years the 2003/2004 season was the most remarkable: the
project with the Italo-Argentinians (that team was so good, I was lucky enough to play with
Santiago Dos Reis two years later), the crazy side displayed in the Circus Brera experience and,
most of all, the incredible idea of creating an official team within the prison’s walls. FreeOpera
Brera was not only a great experience in terms of legacy and aftermath, but it also created a lot
of media interest back in the days: I can’t say that it didn’t affect me into choosing to play for
Brera two years later.

What thinks make Brera FC different?
As I was saying, I think it all relies in its approach to football more oriented towards a smart
dimension and not “ossified” on the lame and trivial aspects on the football experience all the
other amateur clubs are so obsessed with. And believe me, I’ve a lot of them.

What do you think that the people around Italy thinks about Brera FC?

Well, I think the rest of the world might see it as something crazy, albeit fun. But all the
geniuses are misunderstood at the beginning. Jokes aside, I think the football world, in a narrow
sense, has some troubles “digesting” the innovation that Brera carries out, but outside of that I’m
sure the club gets the respect and praise that it deserves. And this interview shows it!

What do you think about the excellent directive that the club has?
I can’t speak my mind, or I will be left out of the starting eleven for the next game! Just
kidding, I love Chairman Alessandro Aleotti’s attitude and thinking, he is a visionary and a
creative. And I have to say that his son Leonardo – who on my first experience was only 10 – is
keeping up to his father’s standard. I also know there are going to be some exciting news, but I
can’t disclose anything.

There is a good atmosphere at the dressing room?
The atmosphere is very good, which is not simple when it comes to unify players from all
around the world. It’s definitely relaxed, sometimes too much, which unfortunately this year also
reflected on our results – we lost the firs 4 games in a row.

At your point of view, how do you see the club in a couple of years?
Well, my heart says that in 2 years we will be 2 divisions above our current one! I definitely
hope we will match the greatness of the club with great results on the football field. Nevertheless,
I’m sure that, regardless the league it will play into, in two years the club will still be keeping its
consistency in projecting new ways of making football, with its communication skills, social
projects, and amazing ideas. After all, as Mr. Aleotti rightfully always repeats, “il Brera è
comunque vincente” (el Brera de todos modos sale ganador)

Paone during a match. / Source: Brera FC

Author: Pablo Triguero

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