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Redbridge FC, The Humble Club You Should Know: Interview With Adam Silver (Press Secretary)

England is full of little unknown teams, which have a lot to tell. For this reason, at ‘Afición Deportiva’ we wanted to be interested in Redbridge FC, a London team that plays in lower divisions. Today we spoke with Adam Silver, executive of the club. Thank Adam and the club for their closeness and kindness at all times.

Redbridge FC

The club is very old. How has a humble club managed to last so many years?

We only became Redbridge FC in 2005 however were previously known as Ford United and were originally formed in 1959.We did come close to ceasing to exist but were saved by sponsorship however in recent years it’s been a case of cutting our cloth accordingly,  therefore not paying players any money/expenses. We have a small number of volunteers who give up their time to help the club ,  we also rent out the club ball court and club house which brings in much needed funds. We run a joint football education academy which also helps plus we have a good youth structure in place.

The club has had very hard years in its history. How have you managed to compose yourself?

Yes there have been hard times over the years but we have always composed ourselves on the club’s true values of being a family friendly run club welcome to all.

How is the team playing? Good results?

The season started later than usual due to the covid pandemic and our manager stepped down after just a few matches,  he was replaced in September however the season then stopped in December with the government lock down and never restarted as the season got curtailed.   We hope to come back strong at the start of the 2021/22 season as look for promotion to the higher league above.

How is the club’s fans?

We have a very small fan base (50-100) however they are loyal and follow us ,  we keep them informed of the club’s going on’s via out social media channels.

What relationship does Redbridge FC have with the city?

We have always tried to promote ourselves as being a club for the local community,    the London Borough of Redbridge is large and very diverse in its population with not all-seeing football as their number 1 sport. It’s very difficult as we also have lots of local competition with other non-league and league sides within the local area.   

Has there been a Spanish player in the club?

No. I do not recall us ever having a spanish player.

What are the club’s long-term plans?

Our long term plans on the pitch are to be promoted back into step 4 football (Isthmian League) plus build a successful youth system with more sides and possibly a ladies team.   Off the pitch we have plans to build a new stand and extend the current club house,   there is a long list of jobs to be done but it all takes time and money.

 Finally, what reasons would you give to become a Redbridge FC fan?

Come and support your local side, the price to watch is very low and you will be made to feel very welcome.

 Author: Pablo Triguero

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