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Leeds Signs Permanence: The 3 Proper Names

Leeds have signed the permanence after beating Sheffield 2-1 who will play next year in the second division of English football. Those from Bielsa have achieved a very tough goal for other teams, but reaching their goal with relative ease and plenty of time to try to get higher in the standings. Although it has been a great group work, there have been three names that have shone with their own light: Marcelo Bielsa, Jack Harrison, and Patrick Bamford.

Marcelo bielsa

The ‘loco’ Bielsa has been a name that has become a legend in Leeds. After turbulent years, he not only promoted the team to Premier, but he did so with entertaining and fun football to watch for any football lover. A showy and offensive game that has gone very well at times and very bad at others. While you have achieved the goal, you must change and refine things in your system. Despite this, most of the games have been good, Leeds have always shown their face and it has come out perfectly. To applaud the work of the Argentine coach, that everything seems to continue one more year on the team bench. At least if he wants to.

Bielsa while a match. / Source: Imago

Jack Harrison

Too bad that Jack Harrison is on loan from Manchester City. In his third year in the team, he has become the owner and lord of the band, always being a danger to rival defenses. Surely Bielsa’s team does everything possible to keep him permanently, since his 7 goals and 4 assists so far this year make him a more than useful player at just 24 years of age. In addition, he has got on well with Bielsa, making these statements shortly after arriving: “A couple of weeks ago he read one of the speeches in English for the first time. It was amazing to hear it from him and to know that he is trying. She has been taking English classes and is trying to speak more and more English. ‘

«I studied Spanish in school a little bit, so I know how to formulate sentences, it’s little things like that. The past tense, the future and all this. My girlfriend is actually from Costa Rica, so I understand a lot of Spanish. I get a little shy when it comes to talking about it, ”said the Manchester City player.

Harrison with the ball during a match. / Source: Imago

Patrick Bamford

Finally, the English striker who has surprised the entire football world. Patrick Bamford. He scored 16 goals in 51 games last year, and while he seemed like a good fit as a substitute striker for Rodrigo, in the end he rightly passed the Spaniard. At 27, this season he has improved his scoring average, since in the 30 games he has played, he has already scored 14 goals. And not only that, but he has also improved in terms of assists. Last year he gave two, while he already has 6. An offensive reference for Bielsa. They say that forwards change a lot when they go from Championship to Premier, as it is a much more frenetic game and it is more difficult to score. Well, it seems that for Bamford, it has been easier.

Bamford while a match. / Source: Imago

Author: Pablo Triguero

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