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Football, for and by the fans: Interview with Sam Youngs (Enfield Town)

In football many times we see that clubs are run by incompetent owners, who do not have much interest in the fans or look after the interests of the club, and focus on filling their pockets. So we’ve done a bit of research on Enfield Town, a fan-run club that plays in the eighth division. We were able to speak with Sam Youngs, Enfield player. Thank Sam and Ken Brazier for their kindness and closeness, and wish Enfield the best of luck in the future.

Sam Youngs, Enfield’s FC player. / Source: Imago

First of all, we would like to focus the interview on your Enfield’s career, but you have played in some other teams. Can you tell us your experience before arriving at Enfield Town?

 I turned down an offer from a professional club at 16 in order to pursue my education further. I went straight into non-league/semi pro and have played at that level since. I have played over 400 games for teams up in Birmingham where I was at University and then back in the London area when I returned to London for work.

You arrived in 2017 at Enfield Town. How does your transfer take place?

Andy who is still the manager today was the manager at my previous team and he persuaded me to follow him here when he got the job!

 Since the first moment you arrived, you have played a lot of matches, more than one hundred. How do you value that?

 Enfield is a great club and I hope to make many more appearances for them.

How is your vision about playing in a fan-owned club?

From a playing perspective it makes no difference as you want to go out and do your best no matter who owns the club however off the pitch it is nice as you feel proud that you are out there playing for people who genuinely care about the club and want it to do well.

In a normal match, how is the atmosphere at the stadium?

Enfield has one of the best atmospheres at this level of football, the terraces are close behind the goals and the fans generate a great level of noise during the games which really motivates us on the pitch.

How covid affected your football routine?

 It has meant I don’t have a routine as everything has been cancelled! I still keep myself fit and gyms have just reopened but I do miss match days and can’t wait for them to be back.

 How Enfield Town compares with other clubs you played for previously?

I have been fortunate to play for some good team which have had great groups of players however Enfield is certainly one of the best. The kitman Neil treats us like we are all professionals which is a great bonus especially after a long day at work!

You have scored 23 goals since your arrival, being midfielder. How do you do to score goals while being in a most backward position?

 I would like to have scored more to be honest! I try and get into as many goal scoring positions as possible particularly with late runs into the box. I think the key to scoring from midfield is having that desire to make the extra run and to get into the box before the other midfielder trying to mark you.

You have distributed a lot of goal passes. What do you prefer, to score or to assist?

Of course you want to be the one scoring the goal, especially as you don’t get a bonus for an assist! In all seriousness though it doesn’t really matter to me as long as the team wins.

We are a web from Spain. What do you think is the bigger difference between english football and spanish?

English football is probably more physically especially at the level which we play at although a lot of teams do now and try adopt the Guardiola tika-taka style of football. There has definitely been a big influence from the spanish style on British football in recent years at all levels.

Do you like any spanish team?

I have always like Real Madrid for obvious reasons although I do also follow Malaga as my grandparents live there.

Last one. Can you tell us any reason to be a Enfield FC fan?

Enfield is a great club the bond between the fans/owners and the players is very close. We will always go to the bar after every game and have a chat with the fans about the match. Also, an added bonus is that we are on football manager for anyone who plays that!

Author: Pablo Triguero

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