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Chelsea 2-5 West Brom: Absolute Insanity At Stamford Bridge

Chelsea and West Brom saw each other at very different times. The local team continues to fight to enter the Champions League, while West Brom has it’s sights on not relegation, and continue fighting one more year in the best league in the world such as the Premier League. The match has left a totally unexpected result, with a 2-5 that has done a lot of damage to Tuchel, and that gives wings to a West Brom that has been superior at all times.

Ivanovic and Werner fight to have the ball. / Source: Imago

The game started something rough and stumbled. Neither team managed to have a fluid game, and there were more fouls than arrivals in the area. In fact, in the first half there were two injuries from West Brom, O’shea and Ivanovic. But it was the home team that hit first. Pulisic was hunting for a rebound to make it 1-0, but bad news came for Chelsea. Thiago Silva was sent off a minute later after a pointless tackle. And the blows arrived.

In 44 and 45, Pereira scored two goals to overcome the match in two flashes of genius, leaving Chelsea very sore before the break. A first part of absolute madness, although the second would not disappoint at any time either.

Matheus Pereira scores two goals. / Source: Imago

Although Chelsea started the second half very strong and wanting to take the reins of the game, it was West Brom who took the lead. The visiting team knew exactly what to play, with well-planned counter attacks that did a lot of damage to Chelsea’s defenders, a defense weakened after Thiago Silva was sent off. And that’s how in the 63rd minute Robinson managed to make it 1-3, in the face of «blue» despair. But that was not all.

In 68, just 5 minutes later, Diagne turned Stamford Bridge upside down with an unlikely 1-4. While Mount closed the gap and put the 2-4 in 71, West Brom knew how to defend and not concede meters back, finishing the task in 92, with another goal from Robinson to put the definitive 2-5.

Chelsea’s game was very shaky and unclear, very different from what was seen on other occasions. Timo Werner is still not that differential forward he was in Germany, and it is difficult for him to connect with his teammates. You have to break a spear in favor of goalkeeper Mendy, who could do little, and Mount, who played a good game.

With this result, Chelsea are still in the Champions League, but a West Ham victory would send them to the Europa League. West Brom, for its part, takes air and continues in the fight for permanence, although it will cost a lot.

Players before the game. / Source: Imago

Author: Pablo Triguero

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