Enfield Town FC Fútbol Internacional Premier League

We remember the great game between Enfield Town FC and Kingstonian

Enfield Town FC and Kingstonian met on 14 October 2020, with 2-1 local victory. An exciting match that in ‘Afición Deportiva’ we want to remind you. With a 4-3-3, the manager Andy Leese went out with McDonald in goal. Urquhart, Weatherstone, Pepera and Chappell as defenders, and Thomas, Youngs and Blackman in the center of […]

Enfield Town FC Premier League

¡Enfield Town and Afición Deportiva team up!

We have already talked about Enfield Town FC on another occasion. After interviewing Sam Youngs, the club’s player, we saw that the impact was incredible, and that many people were delighted with the result. That is why after talking with Paul Millington, vice president of the club, we have established a collaboration. In ‘Afición Deportiva’ […]

Enfield Town FC Premier League

¡Enfield Town FC y Afición Deportiva se unen!

Ya hemos hablado del Enfield Town FC en otra ocasión. Tras entrevistar a Sam Youngs, jugador del club, vimos que la repercusión fue increíble, y que mucha gente se quedó encantada con el resultado. Es por ello que tras conversar con Paul Millington, vicepresidente del club, hemos entablado una colaboración. En ‘Afición Deportiva’ os contaremos […]